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OİS XTR V2 Ir Exproof Camera Housing

No Flame or Spark,

High Protection and Performance in Oil, Gas and Chemical Facilities

40 Meters Night Vision Distance



Product group:Exproof camera housing
Product Color:Bright steel - Polished
Alternative Color Option:Ral 7035 or Special Order
Power Input:12V DC 
Lighting Distance 40 Meters
Power consumption5 Watts
Automatic Temperature Control:Heater and Fan (Automatic)
Working Environment:-40° / +80°
Flame Resistant:No sparks and flames
Explosion Proof: High protection against internal explosion
Metal Hardness:304/316L- 5mm
Extra Armor Compatibility Extra armor unit can be fitted
Protection Class:IP 68 Exproof
Raw Material of the Product:Stainless inox steel
Foot Raw Material:Stainless inox steel
Foot feature:Cable hidden(Patented)
foot load capacity:20 kg
Weight:8750 g
Camera mounting area:270x120x120mm
Window Area:70mm
Window thickness:12mm
Working humidity environment:<90%RH
Suitable cameras:Full compatibility with all brands
Flame Resistant:Highly protected against flame
Compatible Accessories:220V Adapter
Quality documents:CE- IP 68- Atex-TS-EN 60079-01

OİS XTR V2 Ir Exproof Camera Housing

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